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Florida Hospital Flagler

Florida Hospital Flagler

Dr. Ron Jimenez

I have been blessed to have been recently named the CEO of Florida Hospital Flagler. The appointment came as a surprise to me and as I look back on my 25 years of association with Adventist HealthCare, I know it was all in preparation for this opportunity and the exciting challenges the future holds for us.

As we move ahead, I thank you for your past support and belief in Florida Hospital Flagler and the Foundation. I am looking forward to establishing many new working and personal relationships within our community, as well as continuing with those I already have.

My primary focus is and will be the healthcare and wellness of our Community. The future of health care is ever changing and as it does, we must be prepared to move forward as it evolves without losing sight of the primary objective

– the overall health of our individuals and the entire community.

We have many new exciting programs in progress and along with my staff and our dedicated employees I am excited to be able to bring them on line as we continue to honor God in fulfilling our mission of “Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ”.

Community support is part of the growth component of our hospital and the health care that we provide. I have been well aware of FH Flagler Foundation and have watched its development. The support that our community has shown to the Foundation is impressive and well documented. Your generous donations make a difference. Our continued progress will depend on your philanthropy. This Impact Report is a testament to your generous giving.

Our Foundation and its growth will stand as a partner with Florida Hospital Flagler and the Community in continuing to bring world class healthcare to Flagler County.

You have blessed us with your past support and I see the future as being just as promising. Thank you.

Blessings in Christ,

Dr. Ron Jimenez

CEO, Florida Hospital Flagler

 Ken Mattison

Thank you for your support and belief in Florida Hospital Flagler.

As I reflect on 2015, I am proud and honored to lead over 1000 employees as we honor our mission of “Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ”. This message is at the core of our effort each day as we strive to honor God with the care we provide to those in our community.

Our team is committed to serving our community. We are proud to have made notable progress in many areas of our patient care and hospital. Listed below are a few of the highlights:

Stroke Management– Intentional advancements of early identification and treatment of stroke patients in accordance to American Heart Association and received the Silver Award

Patient Safety– Reduced the number of infections including central line, urinary tract, and C-Difis by a variety of new technologies and protocol.

Emergency Room– Modified our ER patient registration to provide direct patient beding that reduced ER wait times and improved physician contact times.

Diabetes management– Focused on management of Diabetic patients and their glycemic controls which resulted in improved patient outcomes.

Orthopedic Certification-Received Joint Commission certification on Total joints of Hips and Knees procedures

Philanthropy is an important competent of our hospital and health care. I am very proud of our Foundation and its growth. The support that our community has shown our Foundation is impressive. These philanthropic dollars are vital to our continued growth of our hospital. This Impact Report shows a overview of the difference your philanthropic dollars are making in our community.

The future direction of healthcare is complex but the continued need of Philanthropic donations will be an essential part of our continued growth and the services we provide in the community. These donations will be directly tied to the expanded services that we can provide. I am very proud of our Foundation and its growth.

I offer my sincere appreciation to you for your support of the Florida Hospital Flagler Foundation.

God Bless you and your families

Ken Mattison

JoAnne King
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Ron Thomas
Chief Medical Officer

Robert Davis
Chief Nursing Officer

Cory Domayer
Chief Financial Officer


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